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Monday, May 28, 2007


On Saturday, my dear friend Amy and I hit EPCOT to drink around the world! WHAT A GREAT DAY! After a brief Florida shower mid-morning, the rest of the day was just splendid! We made our own badges and when we got there, purchased the EPCOT passport where you put in stickers for each country, get it stamped and signed. It was a hoot!

We started out in Mexico w/ forzen margaritas and crappy chips & salsa.

On to Norway where we had a beer and "School Bread" which was perfect for two teachers. Rose Nylund, eat your heart out!

Third stop was China and some plumb wine . . .

followed by Germany for a shot of Goldschlager and a pretzel. Mmmmm.

Our fifth country was Italy where we met up with Andy from Miami. For some reason, the two goons he was with weren't drinking . . . absolutely SHAMEFUL! Andy was so sweet and bought the three of us a lovely sparkling red wine and dark chocolates. Boy do I look fat here! Must be the chocolate and bloating from the beer . . . yea, that's it!

The good old U. S. of A. was our next spot where we had a beer.

We then proceeded to Japan and had "sucky sake". Neither one of us were too fond of it. It was rather bland, but it did pack a punch at 15% alcohol. :)

Morocco was our next stop where we indulged in tangerine cocktail. A fruity drink. Tasty. We even sat down for a while and watched a few other fruits wander around.

We skpped France, as we were to return their for dinner later in the evening and headed to the United Kingdom where we had another fruity drink, a Captain Jack Cocktail, along with some fish & chips.

Our final stop was Canada where we had one last beer. Well, Amy had two sips and I had about half. She was lucky she could stand at that point . . . she doesn't remember too much about Canada but I had a rather interesting trist with a mounty. Ok, I didn't, but it sounds fun!

We headed back to the Swan Hotel, a short walk away, to check in and change for dinner. After a brief mishap, we eneded up across the garden at the Dolphin Hotel with $50 off of our room. Thank you, Westin! It was a fine room with very comfy beds and a lovely view of the Swan Hotel and the bridge over to the Boardwalk

Dinner was back at France where we indulged in some fabulous food, wine and a window table overlooking the lagoon and the Illuminations show. If we were together, it would've been quite romantic, and I'm sure lead to some fabulous drunk sex! Apparently, the people next to us had quite a day of drinking too. You can't see the fireworks through the window and . . . well, you can see what the picture looks like. At least our hair looks decent, right?

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and will most likely become an annual Memorial Day weekend event. Don't delay . . . sign up for next year's trip!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea to start a trend - going up during Memorial Weekend. A way to get out of S Beach. It was great seeing you Matt... Wish that our drinking timeframe was longer. The two goons actually drank that night... Amy was great send her my hello's


5:18 PM  

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